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Reaching your ideal client can be hard, using influencers to reach your ideal client can be almost impossible. How do you know if the influencer that that you choose has a following in your area, if their following is authentic or if their followers have the specific demographics you are looking for. MOMCLT, using data collection tools has gathered the coveted demographics that businesses want for the consumer with some of the highest buying power and decision making in the market. Using this data, we are able to drill down and connect businesses with their ideal client. Our tribe of micro-influencers are vetted moms who have the ultimate influence in their homes, communities, and social media circles.


Who We Hang With

We Cultivate Brand

Through the use of data and unique technology, we connect clients with their ideal customer. We cultivate a database of brand champions and content creators that leverage their influence via social media and in their communities. They also share the messaging with the people they are connected to.



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we meet to get to
know your goals

Identify the goals of your campaign.

we connect your
brand with
real influencers

We use our data base search engine to match our brand champions with YOUR target audience.

authentic content

Our brand champions create authentic and organic content that they then share to their circles of influence.

targeted solutions

Our approach allows you to use 1:1 marketing techniques that provide businesses with personalized content and targeted solutions.


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Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our services or would like a proposal. Our goal is to create authentic brand awareness and calls to action to a targeted group of people.

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